Island in the Mist

The Stranger

In which the brave riders encounter a powerful stranger in the Underworld

After coming to in body-reconstructing, magical baths, Furio, Valandil, Esh, Noriam and Tarare find themselves indebted to a powerful entity known as The Stranger. He has nursed them back to health after having discovered their battered bodies beneath a pile of rubble six months previous.

During their recovery, the Riders become acquainted with The Stranger. An (apparently) benevolent super wizard who is thousands of years old, he makes it his business to aid the many races found in The Underworld: a vast, interconnected labyrinth of caves beneath The Mists. He is a member of an race of ancient beings known as the Aecherons.

Tattooed upon his forearm amidst indecipherable runes is the phrase, “”/campaign/island-in-the-mist/wikis/Griswold/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Griswold has your child." The Stranger claims that he has knowledge of an unknowable secret, and that to attain this knowledge, he had to surrender a great deal of his own knowledge: memories of his family members, his own name, and likely a slew of other personal facts. Through judicious use of powerful magics and the tattoos, The Stranger has come to know that he has a child, and that at some point, that child was being held captive by a wizard known as Griswold.

He explains that because his secret is unknowable without great sacrifice, that the Riders could not know it even if he told them explicitly. He demonstrates by explaining the secret to them, and although it is startling, the Riders quickly forget the details. Indeed, it is impossible for them to remember the secret at all.

The Stranger is very inquisitive about the surface and the happenings within The Pocket at Simon’s Rest. Although he demands nothing and gives The Riders the choice of which information they choose to share with him, his questions quickly become specific enough to seem dangerous. In particular, he wishes to know of Minoc Heart Intelligence. Amongst their effects, The Stranger has discovered the remnants of Rustless 42’s brain. He explains that it likely came from a “gemstone superintelligence,” and that these intelligences are actually “city seeds” from beyond The Mists.

The adventurers, a naturally suspicious lot, are at first reluctant to discuss Minoc, but after communing with Minoc and then initiating several sendings with Sage Marin, they decide to bring the Stranger to Simon’s Rest.

A long, grueling journey ensues, in which they encounter many dangers the Underworld has to offer. Near the end of their journey, The Stranger is called off to aid a pack of werewolves. The Riders make their way on their own to a small hamlet where Men of the Deep protect the portal to the surface. Despite being informed repeatedly that the Underworld is not Hell, The Riders encounter a demon who has taken control of the Portal that leads to Simon’s Rest. The adventurers soundly defeat the demon and his minions, bringing his evil life to an end with a well-aimed arrow down the gullet.

Large silver-lined pools of acid surrounding the demon turn out to be trapped Men of the Deep. The mayor of the “village,” though suspicious of the Riders, is thankful for having been rescued and helps them get back to the surface on the condition that they do their best to keep demons off of the surface.

Upon returning to Simon’s Rest, the heroes are welcomed with triumphant fanfare. Countless changes have come to the city: Led by Blacksnarl, the majority of Piraxis’ horde now protects the city. A necromancer has begun raising his own army throughout the pocket. Sage Marin speaks of new Riders. To Tarare’s dismay, his cousin Aurelie has wed the Lucien Oldmoore.

When the Stranger finally makes his way back to Simon’s Rest, he introduces himself to Sage Marin. Sage Marin clarifies: he is an Aecheron, raised by an evil wizard named Griswold. He is The Stranger’s long lost son.

Moments later, Erik Valtjof arrives with Lucien Oldmoore. They are both now members of Marin’s Riders.


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