Null Magic Zone


A Null Magic Zone is a space that suppresses enchantments and entirely prevents the casting of new spells.

Upon entering a Null Magic Zone, all personal and item enchantments, beneficial or otherwise, are temporarily suppressed. Characters within a Null Magic Zone may not cast new spells. Characters casting spells outside of the zone may not target any person, creature, object or space within the zone with a spell; any attempt to do so fails at the zone’s boundary. (Fireball spells fizzle into nothing as they cross the boundary, attempts to teleport into the zone result in the teleporting characters remaining where they were at the time the spell was cast, etc.)

Upon leaving the zone, all suppressed enchantments are immediately restored.


The first Null Magic Zone was discovered in YD 3801 in the basement of the basement of the abandoned tower fortress of Verin Aechmus. Over the next 650 years, Cassia would discover Null and Dead Magic Zones — "Empty Zones", as they are known — at a rate of approximately 10 a year, mostly within Breeun. The advent of the Mists, however, led to an explosion in discoveries of new Empty Zones. Since YD 4444, there have been over a million documented Empty Zones.


Nobody knows for sure what causes Null Magic Zones, where they came from, how to get rid of them, and why they seem to appear and disappear without apparent cause. Cassian doctrine holds that they are unexplained and unexplainable, and undoubtedly the work of forces or beings outside of Cassia herself.

It is widely-accepted that the first Empty Zones were created by the Aechmus brothers, but the explosion of new zones after the advent of the Mists has lead most Cassians to believe that the events are related. It is thought that massive experimentation on the Wind Crystal and teleportation that shaped Cassia as we know it today also somehow affected the weave of magic that underlies our reality.

Null Magic Zone

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