Expendable XP

Although the group uses Group Experience, players can still be individually rewarded between sessions with Expendable XP (XXP). XXP can be used in the following ways:

  • Crafting Magical Items. When crafting a magical item, characters spend XXP instead of XP. Characters may not spend XP to craft magical items.
  • Casting Spells That Cost XP. When casting a spell that costs XP, characters spend XXP instead of XP. Characters may not spend XP to cast spells that normally cost XP.
  • Buying Action Points. One action point costs 50XXP. Action Points can only be purchased between sessions.
  • Purchasing Signature Points to improve your character’s Signature Item.
  • Recharging magical items with charges or limited use, such as spell-absorbing Ioun Stones. Each item has its own recharge costs. Signature items can be recharged at half the normal cost.
  • Using some powerful magical items, such as a Tome of Understanding.
  • Learning new spells. (see Mage)
  • Fishing for a magical item. At the top of the session, after the DM has finished drawing Random Encounter Cards but before the first encounter of the session begins, you may spend 100 XXP to cause the DM to draw one additional card. Unless that card is a magical item for sale, it is ignored. Otherwise, it is resolved as normal.

Additionally, the following in-game uses have been discovered (via the Random Encounter Cards):

  • You may spend 3500 XXP to gain 1 feat.
  • You may spend 2000 XXP to permanently increase a single base saving throw by +1 (via the Circle of Chevari).
  • You may spend 500 XXP times your base stat to raise one of your stats by 1 point
  • You may spend 2 XXP to gain 1 gp by helping Charles Holder make bird golems

Unless otherwise specified, XXP can only be spent between sessions.

Expendable XP

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