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  • Blacksnarl Group

    The Blacksnarl Group was a group of approximately 2000 [[Orc|orcs]] who fled from [[Une]] approximately 21 years ago. They were led by [[Dakkan Blacksnarl]]. By the time they reached their final destination -- [[The Pocket at Simon's Rest]] -- two years …

  • Camp Blacksnarl

    Camp Blacksnarl is a camp on the southwest side of the [[Pocket at Simon's Rest]]. It is home to approximately 900 [[Orc|orcs]] who arrived through [[The Mists]] approximately 19 years ago. The camp is almost entirely self-sustaining, and the orcs …

  • Crossing

    The City of Crossing was once the largest city in a now-forgotten human kingdom. It was known for a large bridge, which spanned a half-mile canyon, connecting two halves of the city.

  • Elven Forest of Thaylithien

    The Elven Forest of Thaylithien rests between [[Rockholme]] and [[Simon's Rest]]. It spans northwest within [[Pocket at Simon's Rest|The Pocket at Simon's Rest]] and disappears into [[The Mists]]. It is home to many [[Elf|Elven]] woodsmen, guides and …

  • Legendspell River

    The Legendspell River runs south from the [[North Unean Mountain Range]]. It runs along the eastern edge of the [[Pocket at Simon's Rest]] through [[Finch Canyon]], all the way down to the [[Ruins of Crossing]]. There, it makes a sharp turn west, then …

  • Merchant Quarter

    The Merchant Quarter of [[Simon's Rest]] is a well-kept portion of the city where the wealthy live. It separates the [[Cassian University of Magical Studies]] from the commoner districts.

  • Redmarsh

    Redmarsh is the name of a vast swamp at the heart of the [[Pocket at Simon's Rest]]. It is home to [[Ogre|Ogres]], [[Troll|Trolls]], and a number of ancient, apparently [[Human]] ruins.

  • Roundwood

    Roundwood is a village of approximately 100 humans a three days' ride from [[Simon's Rest]]. It is in the hills between Simon's Rest and [[Rockholme]], about a half mile from the forest.

  • Ruins of Crossing

    The Ruins of Crossing lie in the southeastern corner of [[Pocket at Simon's Rest|The Pocket at Simon's Rest]]. It appears that the ruins lie atop what was once the [[Crossing|City of Crossing]], a large human city (though PC's would not know the name of …

  • Simon's Rest

    [[Simon's Rest]] is the largest settlement in the [[Pocket at Simon's Rest]]. It rests high in the foothills of the [[North Unean Mountain Range]]. *Population*: Approximately 40,000.

  • Fergus Schildschmit

    Fergus Schildschmit is the opinionated Dwarven friend of [[Sage Marin Redblood]]. He comes from [[Rockholme]] within [[The Pocket at Simon's Rest]]. He is the inventor of [[Explosive]].

  • Ezra Starlin

    Ezra Starlin is the scion of an ancient Cassian noble house that currently rules the mistpocket [[Estaria]]. He came to Simon's Rest in command of a mission of mercy from his ancestral holdings months ago. Ezra stayed on to care for his little brother [[ …

  • Luc-Armond Martens

    A [[Cassia|Cassian]] [[Mage]], recently discovered to be under the domination of [[Verin Aechmus]]. Luc-Armond had gone missing in the chaos following the closing of the [[Well of Worlds]], but was subsequently discovered to have been hiding in the [[ …

  • Nemo the Beggar

    Nemo the Beggar is a homeless who can normally be found in [[Simon's Rest]]'s [[Walkup District]] near the gate to the [[Merchant Quarter]].

  • Lucien Oldmoor

    Sergeant Lucien Oldmoor is a [[Cassian]] soldier in charge of [[Cassian Militia|a small garrison of soldiers]] in [[Simon's Rest]]. [[Valandil]] once shot Oldmoor in a dispute in the streets of Simon's Rest. Oldmoor was uninjured.