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  • Lucien Oldmoore

    Oldmoore is the son of a wealthy Cassian noble who holds those from lower classes to be lesser people. He is the captain of the Cassian Guard in Simon's Rest: a force of ten soldiers.

  • Felix Woode

    Ambassador Felix Woode -- known to most simply as "Ambassador Felix" -- is the [[Cassian]] ambassador to [[Simon's Rest]]. He was discovered to be under the dominating control of [[Verin Aechmus]] and went into hiding shortly after the portals to the [[ …

  • Ezra Starlin

    Ezra Starlin is the scion of an ancient Cassian noble house that currently rules the mistpocket [[Estaria]]. He came to Simon's Rest in command of a mission of mercy from his ancestral holdings months ago. Ezra stayed on to care for his little brother [[ …

  • Luc-Armond Martens

    A [[Cassia|Cassian]] [[Mage]], recently discovered to be under the domination of [[Verin Aechmus]]. Luc-Armond had gone missing in the chaos following the closing of the [[Well of Worlds]], but was subsequently discovered to have been hiding in the [[ …

  • Lucien Oldmoor

    Sergeant Lucien Oldmoor is a [[Cassian]] soldier in charge of [[Cassian Militia|a small garrison of soldiers]] in [[Simon's Rest]]. [[Valandil]] once shot Oldmoor in a dispute in the streets of Simon's Rest. Oldmoor was uninjured.