Island in the Mist

Simon's Rest begins the descent into anarchy

Days after the loss of the pocket’s young men, Simon’s Rest enters a stage of sorrowful turmoil. After scanning the city for hazards and problems, Slen, Girdus, CESIUM 13T, Valandil and Tarare are forced to break up a lynching of Cassians. After killing a few angry mob members, Tarare discovers that one of the rescued Cassians is his cousin, Aurelie.

Spiders and Explosions

In a foul patch of forest we came upon the wind spiders menacing the villager’s children. I quickly reacted and ran to hide behind a tree. When the spiders charged I was able to catch them off guard and attack from behind. I gutted one with my blades while the mages blasted missiles through the other. We met Marin and Fergus and collected a pitiful reward, but the children are safe and that’s what matters right?

At camp Fergus showed us some explosive substance (a wild one that Dwarf) which I proceeded to borrow from the drunk and drowsy’s satchel. I left the party through the mists to put the explosives to good use. For the betterment of Simon’s Rest!


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