Twin Spears of Adonai

Magical Spears

weapon (melee)

The spears are activated.

Lvl 0: +3 short-spears
Lvl 1: When wielded together, one spear does fire damage, the other does ice damage, at +1d3 each.
Lvl 2: They are now +4 short-spears, and the threat range is now 19/20 with critical x3
Lvl 3: Wield as medium, act as large. Now they are 1d8 base instead of 1d6. Elemental damage increase from 1d3 to 1d6.
Lvl 4: Elemental damage increase from 1d6 to 2d6.
Lvl 5: They are now +5 short-spears.
(not yet)Lvl 6: Elemental bust damage on critical, +1d10 of the spear’s element (fire or frost)


Rustless 42 acquired the Twin Spears of Adonai, an ancient weapon that required activation. Activation required requesting ownership from the spears themselves, with a chance of death.

Twin Spears of Adonai

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