Erik Valtjof


Erik is a stoic and honorable badass who has both been a huge help and a huge hindrance to the Riders. In exchange for swearing to save his wife, he gave the Riders vital assistance in bringing down the dragon Piraxis. However, they were unable to save her in the end and Valtjof sent them to the Underworld, where they would have died had not the Stranger found them.

When the Riders returned to Simon’s Rest, they found Valtjof upholding his oath of protecting the City and made an uneasy peace with him. While the Riders were in the Cassian Labyrinth Prison saving Sage Marin, Valtjof journeyed to Thaylithien where he met Sherylin and became a servant of the dragon goddess. Torn by two oaths, rather than killing the Riders as Sherylin had commanded, he was instrumental in their banishment to the Underworld.


Erik Valtjof

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