Dalton Starlin

Bedridden Cassian Serving as Sage Marin's Assistant


Dalton Starlin is a young Cassian noble, 16 years of age, brother to Ezra Starlin and son of Lord Orvis Starlin. He is currently crippled and bedridden in Simon’s Rest following a mysterious attack in the unusual mist pocket.

Dalton is an enthusiastically pious young man, driven to see the best in both people and situations. Even his current unfortunate condition is not enough to dampen his spirits, and he happily passes the time conversing with passing scholars, writing philosophical treatises, and reassuring Ezra that he doesn’t blame his older brother for his situation.

Everyone who knows Dalton becomes quickly convinced that he is destined for the priesthood, and his affable demeanor has earned him the friendship of nearly every acquaintance in his brief life.


Dalton Starlin

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