Island in the Mist

William Farstride's Trove

A Fistful of Platinum

When a strange golem from The Mists invades his hideout, William Farstride, notorious master thief, is forced to ask Sage Marin’s riders for help.

XP Earned: 1800
Total Party XP: 14,800
Current ECL: 5

The party is called to Sage Marin’s to discuss some of the immediate needs of Simon’s Rest. After introducing Slen, Tarare, Valandil and Rustless 42 to Noriam, Ezra discusses the city’s primary needs. There is a long list: the need for a standing military, the need for a jail, the need to make contact with the Mechanicals, the need to make contact with Camp Blacksnarl and the need for some money.

The discussion is interrupted by the appearance of William Farstride, master thief. His hideout has been taken over by a Drill Golem, and he wants someone to clear it out so he can get his worldly possessions back. He offers a reward, and although Slen knows that Farstride will ultimately betray the group, everyone decides that the worst that can happen is that they end up right where they started.

The group sets out and, after a brief visit to Stables in Simon’s Rest, heads North Unean Mountain Range towards William Farstride’s Hideout. On the way, Valandil and Slen discover that Farstride owns (and frequently takes advantage of) a magical ring that grants him invisibility.

The party makes their way into Farstride’s lair, where they avoid traps and ultimately engage in combat with a Drill Golem. When the golem is dispatched, a large portion of Farstride’s wealth becomes the property of Sage Marin’s riders.


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