Island in the Mist

The Flaming Heart of Minoc

In which a giant pillar of magma heralds the coming of Minoc Heart Intelligence to Simon's Rest.

Due to the continued threat of terraquines, Minoc Heart Intelligence wanted to relocate to Simon’s Rest. The only problem is that to come to the surface, MHI would have to ride a pillar of magma that will spew deadly flame all over Simon’s Rest. Sage Marin’s riders agree and negotiate terms that will get the Mechanicals to help rebuild whatever damage. The riders rush to the surface as earthquakes collapse tunnels. Valandil took a detour searching for animal companions and barely made it. Once to the surface, the riders began to escort MHI to Simon’s Rest but were waylaid by a convoy of bandits including several horsemen, some trolls, a Cassian knight, and Erik Valthjof. They narrowly defeated the bandits, but Erik fled with his tail tucked between his legs. The riders then proceeded to escort MHI to Simon’s Rest.


akasper ealdent

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