Island in the Mist

The Big One

The riders efforts to track down Piraxis culminate in a tenuous meeting with Erik Valtjoff. Furio rides out to meet Erik and they parlay shortly. Erik reveals the terms of his slavery to Piraxis and tells the Riders how to reach Piraxis.

The riders travel through the canyon and are able to climb to the appropriate entrance. The riders come upon a weepy Lucien Oldmoore. Lucien tells the group that Lawrence is being held against his will. Algarith leads Lucien back to safety and holds position to receive other fleeing prisoners.

The riders encounter a sleeping Piraxis and dispatch .. an illusion? The real Piraxis drops bombs, eats women, and catches an ass whooping. Norriam uses some fancy rope tricks and puts the Deathshead flask in the beast’s maw. Rustless42 becomes inert after taking considerable damage. Furio too falls after a toe-to-toe thrashing from the dragon. Esh and Tarare fire the heavy artillery that eventually brings Piraxis crashing to the earth only to spill open with doezens of candy treats…. I mean magic items.


akasper OscarG

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