Island in the Mist


In Which the Metaphorical Unsustainability of the Prison System is Made Literal

When the Cassians introduce their new, brutal enforcers, Sage Marin’s riders are forced to stage a jailbreak.

XP Earned: 1700
Party XP Level: 19,700
Current ECL: 6

Simon’s Rest
Coffers: 7200 gp
Guards: 270
Citizens: 12,105
11432 humans
504 orcs
107 mechanicals
35 Cassians
22 dwarves
5 elves
1 nezumi

The Arrival of Camp Blacksnarl

Furio, Valandil, Rustless 42, Tarare and Noriam are sent to the southern gates of Simon’s Rest to help some farmers whose wagon has become stuck in the mud. As the two farmers argue with one another, the party spots what appears to be an approaching army.

Shortly thereafter, the army arrives in the foothills. It is Dakkan Blacksnarl and the orcish and the soldiers and citizens of Camp Blacksnarl. He wishes to make a non-violent demonstration of the city’s defenselessness, as well as the aptitude of his scouts.

30 of Blacksnarl’s soldiers then make their way into the city through the various gaps in the outer wall. Furio rushes back to the town square on horseback, but is impeded by muddy streets in the Walkup District and occasional obstacles and crowded streets. When he arrives at the Cassian University of Magical Studies, the rest of the party arrives back at the meeting point along with Blacksnarl’s army and people. Sage Marin arrives shortly thereafter.

Blacksnarl reveals that he believes his people to be in serious danger from the bandit threat to the southeast. It seems he has done some reconnaissance of the area, as he is able to estimate the bandits’ numbers: nearly 10,000.

Marin, the party and Blacksnarl strike a deal: the orcish soldiers — 250 in number — will live and work in the barracks. The remainder of the orcs will set up a tent city in the foothills outside the outer gate.

Slen’s Final Duel

On the heels of the arrival of the new orcish military force, the Cassians have hired a small group of mercenaries to represent their own military force. These enforcers, reportedly from Avaria, are 12 in number, though apparently great warriors. Their leader is a maoren by the name of Nogiyana.

Nogiyana arrives at Sage Marin’s home to clarify that the city of Simon’s Rest us ruled by Cassian law. He informs the party of a dueling tournament that will take place the following day. The duels are to be to the death.

Sage Marin suggests that only one of his riders be involved. If Nogiyana is an excellent swordsman or enjoying the benefits of Cassian enchantments, it makes sense to lose only one rider. The party decides upon Slen as Marin’s representative in the tournament.

Slen is the only one to sign up for the tournament. Within seconds of the duel starting, Nogiyana decapitates Slen. He mocks elven swordsmanship, then announces that there will be another demonstration of Cassian might at the University the next day.

A Show of Cassian Force

A crowd has gathered around an impromptu gallows. The cassians Gavin Orn, a bound prisoner, onto the platform. Nogiyana announces that Orn has refused to swear loyalty to Cassia. His punishment is death. Lightning erupts from Cassian magi at the base of the platform, and Orn is incinerated.

Nogiyana announces that one criminal who has refused to swear loyalty will be executed every day until no more remain.

Back at Sage Marin’s, Marin suggests that the party put into action an old jailbreak plan that Slen put together. Sage Marin also emphasizes the importance of not killing any citizens of Simon’s Rest, even if they are serving as prison guards.


The party approaches the jail. It is dwarven-built and in ill repair. It is in the snowy mountaintops, a mile outside of Simon’s Rest. A tower rests atop a peak; the inside of the mountain is a hollowed out spiral, lined with prison cells.

With the help of Fergus, the party locates what Slen previously identified as a weak wall on the mountainside. Everyone places a large bag of explosive on the mountainside, blasting a hole into the lowest cell.

Immediately, the guards at the top level rush into the prison and begin pushing back the party. As the party is fighting its way to the top, the hole they blasted into the mountainside collapses, and the entire prison shakes violently. There is now only one escape: the drawbridge at the top of the prison.

On the top floor of the collapsing prison tower, Nogiyana and some guards protect the winch that holds the drawbridge shut. When the party makes their way into the chamber and engages the guards, the floor begins to collapse between their feet. Nogiyana fends off the party until the floor can no longer support the weight of the battle. Nogiyana falls into the prison, and the remaining guards drop their weapons.

The party lowers the drawbridge, and the prisoners escape into Simon’s Rest.


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