Island in the Mist

Into the Shadow

In the absence of Sage Marin and the Stranger, the many movers and shakers of Simon’s Rest begin vying for power. Dalton tells the Riders of shadow planes, which are planar pockets consisting of – you guessed it – shadow. The creatures there are whisper thin, but their blades are fearsome for the living. Within a particular shadow plane, Verin Aechmus has imprisoned many of the stolen men of Simon’s Rest, as well as some men from Furio’s home pocket.

The Riders journey to the Shadow Plane using the portal and work to free the prisoners before the plane collapses in on them. They encounter an avatar of Verin Aechmus there who steals Furio’s soul in their attempt to free their prisoners. Despite Noriam’s best efforts, Furio could not be saved. While many of the prisoners were saved, the loss of Furio was a savage blow to the Riders.


  • XXP and AP already awarded for dungeon portion
  • 200 XXP for anyone who participated in the campaign portion
  • 1 AP for anyone who participated in the campaign portion
  • Starting Session 22, I promise to stop sucking at DM bookkeeping


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