Island in the Mist

Banishing the Dark Lord

An avatar of Verin Aechmus has made his way to Simon’s Rest and is binding the souls of townsfolk. Even the stalwart Noriam falls under his sway. The Stranger is able to free Noriam’s mind, and together with Sage Marin develop a plan to lure the avatar back into his portal and send him to the Labyrinthine Prison which lies deep beneath the city of Cassia.

In the fight, Valandil has his soul stolen by the avatar. Turning on Sage Marin and the Stranger, the fight begins to look bleak. Tarare manages to turn them invisible before they are slain and they are able to force the avatar into the portal. Unfortunately, they too vanish through its fiery gate. Once the avatar is banished, the souls of the taken are returned, but Simon’s Rest is left without its leadership.


  • XXP and AP already awarded for dungeon portion
  • 200 XXP for anyone who participated in the campaign portion
  • 1 AP for anyone who participated in the campaign portion
  • Starting Session 22, I promise to stop sucking at DM bookkeeping


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