Like an endless sea, the Mists cover the lands of Mankind. Scattered throughout the Mists, like tiny ships, are pockets of civilization.

Cassia, the great nation of the Magi, the most powerful nation in the Multiverse, has made it Her duty to catalog and colonize of all the pockets within the Mists. In days past, She has seen to the care and feeding of all those who live within the Mists. In days past, She has been a beacon of goodwill. In days past, Cassia has made the Mists safe from all threats natural and supernatural.

But these are not those days.

Verin Aechmus, one of the four Aechmus brothers, one of the most evil men ever to have lived, one of the most powerful Archmages in the Multiverse, has taken Cassia. He has stolen the souls of all of her People. And now, he wishes to take all of those within the Mists.

Simon’s Rest, an utterly average pocket, is suffering the consequences of this change. First, when Aechmus stole to Cassia all men of age to be soldiers, the heroes of Simon’s Rest closed the portals between Cassia and her colonies. In so doing, they saved thousands of colonies from Aechmus’ rule.

With dozens of political factions within the city itself, a litany of monsters and strangenesses wandering out of the Mists, a shattered economy and a mounting bandit threat, Simon’s Rest has a lot of problems to solve. Those same heroes who closed the portals are rebuilding what remains of Simon’s Rest.

You are one of those heroes.

Welcome to Simon’s Rest.